Tarsal bones

For example: The children wanted to watch television, and dragged their feet when their mother told them to go to bed.

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Or: The city employees said the mayor had promised to raise their pay, but was now dragging his feet. The contained tarsal bone, the calcaneus, appears first among the crocodilian reptiles; it was lost in birds by fusion with other tarsals and metatarsals but retained in mammals.

In humans the heel consists of the calcaneus largest of the tarsal bonescushioned below by a bursal sac, fat pad and thickened skin.

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The calcaneus is roughly rectangular, articulating above with the talus bone of the ankle joint and in front with the cuboid, another tarsal bone.

Posteriorly, a roughened area, the tuber calcanei, tarsal bones much of the weight in standing. On one side of this is a small protuberance, the lateral process, developed only in humans, related to balance in the upright position.

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The Achilles tendon tendo calcaneus attaches to the posterior border of the calcaneus. The calcaneus functions both as a lever for muscles of the calf in walking and as a weight-bearing structure in tarsal bones.

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The end of the brake shoe which rests against the anchor pin. The wide end of a tapered gear tooth such as found in the differential gears.

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